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Technical services
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Website development

We develop unique applications according to our client’s needs, their chosen technology (PHP, ASP, .net, JAVA), and required database solution (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and others). Part of our project work is to run loading and usability tests on the application.

Web design

We consider our client’s visual presentation as one of the most important elements of their company’s promotion strategy. After thoroughly understanding the client’s image, philosophy, and business aims, we make clear and bold webdesigns, that support the client’s aims in the best possible way. Less is more.


We don’t so much talk about SEO, as do it on-the-fly. Whether it is on-page SEO during development of an application, or off-page based on analysis of keywords after the website is launched. We know that SEO is a living organism that needs to be taken care of.


E-commerce demands robust solutions. Our client needs to sell. Our CMS solution – Baobab, includes full e-commerce capability. We have successfully implemented solutions for major players on the Slovak market such as the Závodský company or Viva Slovakia. We have incorporated custom solutions for a number of Slovak banks and PayPal.


Clients who wish to update their own web content can use tailored versions of the Baobab CMS solution. The CMS system is flexible enough to adjust to the individual needs and habits of the client, making the updating process as simple as possible. For clients on a limited budget we are also able to work with open-source CMS systems such as Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress.


An important step in “bringing the site to life” from the original image design produced in Photoshop PSD or HTML is coding using (CSS) cascading style sheets. Thanks to our many years of experience we produce valid code according to W3C web standards.


One of our core services is creating creative banners, campaigns, and video-banners using Adobe Flash. Contact us to keep your ad in motion and attract the most interest in your products.

Online advertising

Internet advertising increases it’s share every year. This can be the cause of sleepless nights for many traders. Our experience in advertising and affiliate schemes can help. We work daily with Google Adwords, Google Adsense, and Google Analytics.

Brand identity

To characterize the client’s company or product in a few lines, using the appropriate font and colors, is a difficult task. Our aim is to find a “new face” for our client. Outstanding and original logo design is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing.